My goal

My goal
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Monday, 31 October 2011

pain killers + weight lifting,1370,-1019-57918,00.html

ball state university study says that it enhances protein synthesis. the funny thing is that i wondered about this and hypothesized as to if it would help one lift more during a workout, then i found this article.

its findings contradict earlier research.

high rips for hugeness

going to incorporate this into my current workout:

utilizing rest-pauses to get up to 15 reps. i was doing this before, just not up to 15, but 10. going for higher reps will decrease the risk of injury and build bigger muscles as opposed to strength training (lower reps).

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

body areas i need to be careful about

Vastus Medialus weakness:
sometimes when walking up stairs or motions that strain my legs, i'll get a sharp pain in my knees and the muscles will give out.

Suprasinatus weakness:

Infraspinatus weakness:
my shoulder hurts sometimes if i rotate it wrong and i have to make sure to warm it up good before i do bench press.

Shoulder Internal Rotation Inflexibility:

my new workout routine - full body, 1 set per muscle group

here's my current workout routine with results and exercise descriptions and links:

i do a full body (alternating upper/lower) workout twice a week (WXXWXXX [W = WORK, X = REST]), based on the Chest, Hams, Back, Quads template:

what is special about this workout is that i only do 1 set for each muscle group/exercise. this is called Low Volume Progressive Intensity Training:
Many scientific studies demonstrate one set is almost effective as multiple sets, if not just as effective in strength and muscle hypertrophy (Starkey, Pollock, et. al. 1996). These studies have been criticized for using untrained subjects. Hass et. al. (2000) compared the effects of one set verses three sets in experienced recreational weightlifters. Both groups significantly improved muscular fitness and body composition during the 13 week study. Interestingly, no significant differences were found between groups for any of the test variables, including muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body composition.
one thing is for sure about this program: you don't run the risk of overtraining. i was working out for 2 hours at a time prior to this program and was primarily working out my upper body. with this LVPI training i'm working out my whole body and in half the time and at the end of the workout my muscles feel just as tight as they did when i was working out for 2 hours.

i'm incorporating "high reps for hugeness" into the workout, except i'm going to do 12 instead of 15 reps. this means that i do 12 reps for each exercise. if i dont make 12 i do rest-pauses until i make it to 12. when i make it to 12 without a rest-pause, then i up the weight next time.

todo: compare the effectiveness of this with drop sets.
says rest-pause is preferred, but drop sets are better for smaller muscles like biceps and shoulders.

UPDATE 20111031
i just found out that doggcrapp (DC training) workouts use LVPIT (1 set per muscle group) =)

i'm going to start stretching after each exercise, 60 seconds:

slow negatives:
"Reps are to be performed with a controlled explosive positive and controlled negative. Dante recommends a minimum 2-3 second negative on compound movements, for isolation slow it even more to 4-5 seconds"

* rotate exercises, e.g.

- tuesdays: smith seated military press
- saturdays: smith upright row

- tuesdays: flat bench
- saturdays: lever peck deck fly OR flat db press

upper chest

- tuesdays: incline bench bb
- saturdays: incline bench db


- tuesdays: flat bench bb shoulder width grip
- saturdays: flat bench bent bar

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

an interesting drop-set barbell trick from scooby

"Set up the bar with your drop weight and put the spinlocks on, then just slide the rest of the weight on the end. Do as many as you can, then slide off the extra weight."