My goal

My goal
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Friday, 17 February 2012

eating while sleeping

i usually have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom so i figured i could make some beef before i go to bed, put it on a plate on the commode by the bathroom door, so when i get up to relieve myself i could at the same time take a couple of bites of beef before i go back to bed.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

going to cut out creatine starting today

i have rashes under my eyes and i've already cut out tunafish but that hasn't helped, so i'm going to cut out creatine today to see if that has any effect and gets rid of the red, dry rashes under my eyes.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

where to buy dextrose in norway - panduro

here you can order dextrose (druesukker/glucose/glukose/dekstrose) online in norway, from panduro:

if you take 1-2 g protein for every full set you perform during your workout, e.g. for me that would be about 15 sets, so ca. 30 grams protein in a post workout shake (PWO), then Stack Up Your Post-Workout Shake With Dextrose recommends 5g of dextrose for every 2 sets, e.g. 40 grams carbohydrates from dextrose in the PWO shake. so if per 100g of dextrose powder there are 95g carbohydrates, you'd need ca. 42g of dextrose powder.

Friday, 11 November 2011

workout routine 201111_v2 notes

if possible, low GI carb+protein meal about 30 minutes before workout
400mL fluid right before workout - 5g creatine, 15mL liquid amino acid mixture
water bottle contains only water
easy/calm warm up on ellipse machine for 5 minutes
do chest exercises
stretch chest muscles with 22kg dumbbells for 60 seconds
repeat pattern for the rest of the exercises. specific stretching notes:
* quads+calves, squat down on tips of toes, lean back so both get stretched together
* shoulders, bend arms so as not to stretch biceps
* tris, hold 16 lb weight behind head, holding with both hands while seated
400mL fluid right after workout - 5g creatine, 15mL liquid amino acid mixture
700mL fluid right after workout, before shower - 3 scoops protein
700mL fluid right after workout, before shower - 2 scoops protein
eat meal within an hour and a half after workout (or as soon as i get home):
* eat vitamin c tablet
* drink liquid multi-vitamins
* eat 2 steaks + vegetables
* drink 700mL water while eating
eat 1 can of tuna right before bed while drinking 400-700mL

see also notes for 201110-201111_v1

Thursday, 10 November 2011

general, good bodybuilding/weight lifting advice/guidelines

* do a short/light warm up exercise for the muscle group you are about to work out
* use proper form and prioritize form and safety above amount of weight lifted
* use controlled movements in the full range of motion for an exercise
* use proper breathing - breathe in on the down/in, breathe out on the up/out. experienced/advanced lifters may hold their breath throughout the completion of each individual lift for certain, specific exercises, e.g. the squat. (see also lifting weights holding breath intrathoracic pressure)
* blast (push really hard) on the up/out, slow negatives (slowly lower the weight for 2-4 seconds) on the down/in
* stretch after your muscle group exercise is completed. stretching allows your muscles to grow larger. *never* stretch before your muscles are sufficiently warmed up--you risk tearing muscle. since stretching itself is a physical exercise, excessive stretching before a workout can reduce performance of that muscle in its intended exercise
* appropriate nutrition--your brain needs carbs to survive/work, consume appropriate amount of vitamins, amino acids, etc. (if needed, take a multivitamin, liquid amino acid supplement, etc), consume enough protein and carbs so you gain muscle mass
* drink enough (lots of) water. muscles need water to grow larger and your body needs water to process a lot of protein.
* get enough rest (at least 48 hours) between workouts of the same muscle groups
* get enough sleep at night
* in your recovery stage (24-48 hours after a workout) consume an appropriate amount of protein right before you go to bed so your muscles have something to rebuild themselves with while you're sleeping (resting--when your muscles rebuild)
* eat an appropriate amount of protein within 15 minutes after your workout is completed
* build up common weaker areas at the end of your workout--e.g. rotator cuffs, wrist extensors/flexors
* dont overdo it--beware of overtraining, design your workout so it is enjoyable and not a burden/chore, keep your workout time to around an hour or less
* dont neglect the legs--dont just train your upper body
* abs--most people hate ab workouts, but everyone loves a good 6/8 pack, so just do it; no matter how hard you work your abs, you'll never see them until you reduce your body fat (proper nutrition + cardio)
* keep a lifting log to track your progress and inspire yourself. you may use my bodybuilding log/schedule/plan if you like

important resources:
ACSM's nutrition guidelines

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

working the chest

the chest is composed of the following muscles:
*pectoralis major, sternal
*pectoralis major, clavicular
*pectoralis minor
*serratus anterior

e.g. if you're "stuck" on bench and cant safely go up in weight, try doing exercises that work all of these areas, e.g. lever pec deck fly:

here's a good place to start for choosing chest exercises:

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

my nutritional needs

as of today, 20111101, i weigh approximately 90 kg, according to ACSM's nutrition guide "eating for strength and power" i need the following, daily, in order to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time:
[ 52*90 = 4680 kcal (kilocalories) of energy ]
6*90 = 540 g of carbohydrates
2*90 = 180 g of protein