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My goal
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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

where to buy dextrose in norway - panduro

here you can order dextrose (druesukker/glucose/glukose/dekstrose) online in norway, from panduro:

if you take 1-2 g protein for every full set you perform during your workout, e.g. for me that would be about 15 sets, so ca. 30 grams protein in a post workout shake (PWO), then Stack Up Your Post-Workout Shake With Dextrose recommends 5g of dextrose for every 2 sets, e.g. 40 grams carbohydrates from dextrose in the PWO shake. so if per 100g of dextrose powder there are 95g carbohydrates, you'd need ca. 42g of dextrose powder.

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