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My goal
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Thursday, 10 November 2011

general, good bodybuilding/weight lifting advice/guidelines

* do a short/light warm up exercise for the muscle group you are about to work out
* use proper form and prioritize form and safety above amount of weight lifted
* use controlled movements in the full range of motion for an exercise
* use proper breathing - breathe in on the down/in, breathe out on the up/out. experienced/advanced lifters may hold their breath throughout the completion of each individual lift for certain, specific exercises, e.g. the squat. (see also lifting weights holding breath intrathoracic pressure)
* blast (push really hard) on the up/out, slow negatives (slowly lower the weight for 2-4 seconds) on the down/in
* stretch after your muscle group exercise is completed. stretching allows your muscles to grow larger. *never* stretch before your muscles are sufficiently warmed up--you risk tearing muscle. since stretching itself is a physical exercise, excessive stretching before a workout can reduce performance of that muscle in its intended exercise
* appropriate nutrition--your brain needs carbs to survive/work, consume appropriate amount of vitamins, amino acids, etc. (if needed, take a multivitamin, liquid amino acid supplement, etc), consume enough protein and carbs so you gain muscle mass
* drink enough (lots of) water. muscles need water to grow larger and your body needs water to process a lot of protein.
* get enough rest (at least 48 hours) between workouts of the same muscle groups
* get enough sleep at night
* in your recovery stage (24-48 hours after a workout) consume an appropriate amount of protein right before you go to bed so your muscles have something to rebuild themselves with while you're sleeping (resting--when your muscles rebuild)
* eat an appropriate amount of protein within 15 minutes after your workout is completed
* build up common weaker areas at the end of your workout--e.g. rotator cuffs, wrist extensors/flexors
* dont overdo it--beware of overtraining, design your workout so it is enjoyable and not a burden/chore, keep your workout time to around an hour or less
* dont neglect the legs--dont just train your upper body
* abs--most people hate ab workouts, but everyone loves a good 6/8 pack, so just do it; no matter how hard you work your abs, you'll never see them until you reduce your body fat (proper nutrition + cardio)
* keep a lifting log to track your progress and inspire yourself. you may use my bodybuilding log/schedule/plan if you like

important resources:
ACSM's nutrition guidelines

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